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Suspender skirt DIY

I had some pretty light pink fabric left over from when I made my homecoming accessory bow, and after pondering what to do with it I decided it would make a pretty skirt. At first I was thinking a simple circle or gathered skirt would suffice, but then I remembered bow much I wanted a suspender skirt that I saw at Forever21 once, so I was like “Hey! Maybe I can just make my own!” SO here is what I did (sorry I didn’t document the steps, but it’s not that hard) P.S. This is basically a gathered skirt with fabric strips criss-crossed at the back and parallel in the front, nothing fancy, so make a skirt and add some fabric suspenders and thats it :)


-1/2 yard-1 yard of fabric (depending on how long you want it/the size of your waist) READ DISCLAIMER!! -measuring tape -braided elastic (3/4 in-1 in) -scissors -sewing machine & thread -needle & thread-OR-fabric glue -marking/tailors chalk or light marker pencil etc.  -strong tape -skewer/something long and skinny that can easily fit through 1 inch space -pins

First thing’s first! ***DISCLAIMER*** It would be quite the smart idea if you took all your measurements before you hit the fabric store to get your cut, I didn’t necessarily need this step of measuring beforehand because this is just scrap fabric that I had handy. So measure your waist and find out how long you want your skirt to be before you get your fabric :3 Add 2-3 inches of your measurements for sewing allowance and measure how long and thick you want your suspenders to be as well so you can add that to your fabric size. Or if you want to contrast your skirt with your suspenders still make the measurements for your suspenders but don’t add it to your skirt measurements and get your other fabric in the measurements you made specifically for the suspenders only. Seems obvious, but I needed to add that just in case! 

1. Measure your waist where you would like the skirt to sit, no need to add allowance because if the skirt is too loose, even with the suspenders it will fall awkward on you.

2. Take that measurement and depending on how you want it to fit on you (OK you can make it loose if you want, just as long as you’re happy) if you want it to be looser (for wearing the skirt over thick sweaters or something) then add 1 in (or 3 cm) if you want it to actually stay on you take out 1 in (3 cm) and cut elastic that length.

3. Now take your skirt and make sure that you can wrap it around your waist AT LEAST once, plus a little bit. The way I made my gathered skirt is probably harder than it could have been. 

4. Fold the edge where your elastic will be, over about 1.5-2 inches so you have .5-1 inch of sewing allowance and 1 inch to feed the elastic through once sewn. Depending on if your fabric frays a lot, you probably want to add ANOTHER INCH so the frays don’t show on the inside of the dress. 

5. Sew the top of the skirt where the elastic will be fed through and the bottom of the skirt so the frays aren’t showing. It is imperative that the elastic will be able to be fed through nice and easily through the opening where you sewed on the top of the dress. 

6. This is going to sound stupid, but here’s how I fed my elastic though. I took a bamboo skewer and taped one end of the elastic to the top and then I inserted the skewer into the opening of the skirt where the elastic went and pulled the skirt onto the skewer until the elastic and top of the skewer popped out the other end. Then I un-taped the elastic and adjusted the skirt on the elastic like one would fix a curtain on a pole. There are many easier ways to make a gathered skirt, this method worked for me because my fabric was quite thin and easy to work with. 

7. Take the measurements you made for your suspenders and use fabric glue or a needle and thread to sew em up so the frayed ends aren’t showing. 

8. Hand sew or use a sewing machine to sew the ends of the elastic together, overlap them a centimeter or two to make em stay. 

9. Sew the only two raw edges left, together on the skirt so the frayed ends are inside the skirt.

10. Put the skirt on and pin the suspenders on the way you would like them. Take the skirt off carefully and sew them on!

That’s it! They’re done! It took me two hours of trial and error to get these babies right, and in person the suspenders are kinda ugly (I used a green pen to mark them out, oops!) but I think I’ll make a circle skirt with suspenders with scalloped ends and button down in a thicker fabric. When I get to it (probably during the next break from school) I’ll post about it!

-XOXOX Abs, ChucksN’Roses

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